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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emily King, talented as fuck, live tonight for free in NYC

I went to elementary school with Emily. Like five fuckin years old, running around the gym pulling people's hair elementary school, a million years ago. Granted, that was where all the artsy parents and freaks sent their kids so we expect weird miracles, but homegirl was just nominated for a grammy. She taught herself to play the guitar at 16. Now she is twenty three.

Her album came out in the summer on J records, and if you like neo-soul, urban pop, R&B, guitar strummin' soulful girl-singing type music, you will love her. I'd call her the female John Legend.

This is her official music video, which is dope (and I hate that I can't embed):

A little acoustic jam:

This is her performing her ass off live:

Oh, and guess what, she is performing tonight, for FREE, at Rockwood Music Hall, which has a dope sound system. SOOO worth the trip out. It's not raining. Go.

Saturday, December 13th 2008
Emily King sings @
Rockwood Music Hall
9:00 show
196 Allen st.
bet Houston and Stanton

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