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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emily King, talented as fuck, live tonight for free in NYC

I went to elementary school with Emily. Like five fuckin years old, running around the gym pulling people's hair elementary school, a million years ago. Granted, that was where all the artsy parents and freaks sent their kids so we expect weird miracles, but homegirl was just nominated for a grammy. She taught herself to play the guitar at 16. Now she is twenty three.

Her album came out in the summer on J records, and if you like neo-soul, urban pop, R&B, guitar strummin' soulful girl-singing type music, you will love her. I'd call her the female John Legend.

This is her official music video, which is dope (and I hate that I can't embed):

A little acoustic jam:

This is her performing her ass off live:

Oh, and guess what, she is performing tonight, for FREE, at Rockwood Music Hall, which has a dope sound system. SOOO worth the trip out. It's not raining. Go.

Saturday, December 13th 2008
Emily King sings @
Rockwood Music Hall
9:00 show
196 Allen st.
bet Houston and Stanton

a show worth checking out - Date Farmers at New Image

The Date Farmers are the shit. Overspray just posted this over at

Friday, December 12, 2008

stop and shop - Zakka, Brooklyn

We've known about this little bookstore cum toyshop cum designers orgasm called Zakka for YEARS. They used to be down on Grand street, but relocated to a bigger spot in Dumbo. They have every awesome book you wish you could find everywhere else, all the good magazines (including a stack of OG Oversprays, thank you very much), racks of indie DVD's, toys, apparel, awesome Japanese junk that make killer Christmas presents, etc.

They can be found on the web here:

Or, in real life, at 155 Plymouth Street, in Dumbo. Git it.

want to put you on to..Boogie

Just picked up Boogie's little photo book 'Istanbul', and was reminded of how dope this guy is. Belgrade born, dude has been beautifully documenting civil unrest since the early 90's. A black and White whore's DREAM.

More here:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

For the more literary folk..

We here at Darling have two blogs: this one is technically our news section, where you can find all new things Darling, and whatever random shit that peaks our interest and we want to share with you. A good place for you to communicate with us too. Our other blog comes from the house of the Darling Press. That there is a slow blog, created to showcase writing, thoughts, imagery, ideas, more in-depth things. Posts are much fewer and farther between. It's not designed to keep you cracked out on updates and breaking news, just the opposite. Check back once a week, or every few weeks and take a breathing minute to digest.

Myspace too!

We are on the space. Sheesh. All this friending. If you care to find us, here we are:


Facebook is fucking shady about photos. There is a clause that says, technically, anything you upload there is their property, to be used completely at their discretion. I think it wouldnt stand up in court, but good luck getting there once they rip your shit off. We'll keep you posted on how we plan to circumvent the man.
In the meanwhile, we just joined and it's lonely right now, be our friend:

the website! has launched! Go check it out and tell us what you think at!