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Thursday, June 25, 2009

6.24 - welcome to Italy!

Im on a train from Nice into Milano Centrale station. I am covered in a film of sweat. THey have turned off the air conditioning in the car, leaves all of us stacked up in the hallway thrusting our heads out of the rumbling torpedo into the Italian winds.
It is all rolling corn fields, sweating Swedish backpackers, and suddenly....a naked buttocks?
In a small hut along the tracks. At first I think he is peeing, then I notice the cheeks clenching. He is thrusting. There is a faint outline of a figure kneeling in front of him.
I guffaw and point for my new friends, parents, from Norway. The father works at the U.N.
Right here, in broad daylight, for the world to see. The guy is an exhibitionist. Bravo.

I missed my train to Venice, but I got to see that.

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  1. Atleast your getting to see someone naked! Don't miss me too much! haah