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Monday, January 19, 2009

the time has really come

It's here kids. Tomorrow morning marks the end of eight years of bullshit, lies, greed, and terror in the name of Christ. Can you believe it? The first black man in the WHITE house. The first intelligent, charismatic, not-ignorant American President in almost a decade. Holy shit. And he's 47?? Might we really get our face back?

I'm headed to DC in an hour, armed to the teeth with film. I've heard rumors of an expected FIVE MILLION people. Though that can't be realistic, I plan to shoot the life out of it (not literally of course).

If you're going to be down there, email me: Not that we'll be able to find eachother, but we can try.

Wish us luck, and hope that we don't have a rerun of the West Haven, Connecticut experience.