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Friday, March 20, 2009

longboarders in Thompkins

Apparently longboarding is becoming cool again? A throng of non-nerds gathered in Thompkins Square park last weekend to race the perimeter and have punches thrown at them by angry punks.

party city part real

This is an experiment in sizing. These are sized according to how I think they are best viewed. At first I loathed this roll, utterly disappointed in my foray into the usage of flash. Then I realized that it actually captured a party quite well. If you're out there, looking, tell me what you think please. Signs of life are good.

Still Life vs Zuek

I assisted Ale Zuek on a shoot for Still Life hats a couple days ago. Between shots I would take snaps of my own, including a couple of Ale. Turns out they fit into the aesthetic of the lookbook and they ended up using my shot of Ale for the credits of the book. The picture on the left is Ale's shot, and the one on the right is mine.