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Sunday, January 31, 2010

new shots of Vanessa Bley

My dear friend Vanessa Bley asked me to photograph her recently. She is a ridiculously talented musician and songwriter. She has been very prolific in the last six or seven years, and deservedly incredible opportunities are beginning to present themselves to her. I couldn't be more excited, or happy to support a young artist like her. Not to mention the fact that she's gorgeous and gives my camera a photogenesis boner. Here are a few shots from the casual shoot we did:

Vanessa penned a track about a former flame and I, a few years back, and we turned the song into a music video, starring none other that the former flame, and I. The concept of the video, which I produced, and co-directed, was based around live-action recreation of well known images by Nan Goldin** that struck a similar emotional chord as the story of the song.

**Ms. Goldin gave express permission for the making of this video, and normally does not allow the usage, or blatant interpretation of her imagery in such a context. She does, however, think this video is cool. ;)

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