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Sunday, February 14, 2010

SF photos

Sam Ash, representing.

In case you were wondering where we were - Wood Walls Gallery. 835 Larkin St, SF, CA.

Cheryl Dunn at the infamous Tu Lan - best Vietnamese in SF.

Zuek playing pool at Carl's, the epitomy of the local dive bar. Dude didn't have any glasses so he kept making us recycle ours. He didn't have any mixers, wouldn't take twenties, and pretty much begged us to take our business somewhere else.

Cheryl Dunn and Ale Zuek Simonetti

My main man.

Zuek and Johan.

Remi Rough's wall.

Ray Potes hanging his pieces.

Ray Potes. The lighting makes him look black. hahaha.

Chris Blackstock hanging my work next to Ale Zuek's.

Jonathan Darby doing what he does best.

Classic Giarla - Mr. White Walls.

Above the corner store.

Diana. She's making a little film about the whole thing.

Sam Ash and Leigh Cooper at Twin Peaks.

Went to Creative Growth, in Oakland, with Cheryl Dunn. She's making a movie about the place. Always a mind boggling experience.

Tourists do such weird, dumb shit.


Zuek vs. Twin Peaks

This makes me feel like I'm in the 50's.


Sam Ash, looking alive.

Justin, looking his best.

Johan Antistrot

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