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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smoke Bath

When you grow up in the inner city, it can open you to a world of experiences, cultures, sexualities, races, and generally freaky shit, long before your midwestern counterparts are learning to walk to the bus alone. But the city childhood also, often, serves as nature's blinders: you never get to see the earth itself. Stars don't come out at night, street lights and drag queens do. Fire's aren't lit, cigarettes are. Summer bathing only happens in piss-filled pools packed with kids, and showers are taken under fire-hydrants. That is, of course, only until you discover something like the Fresh Air Fund, a program that snatches inner city kids from their dice games and over-sexed hustling, and plops them into nature for the summer.

My friend Peter Sutherland asked me to contribute some photos to a project he has going called "Smoke Bath". The project is fundraising for the Fresh Air fund, which did in fact teach my scrawny city bred ass how to collect sap from trees and put wood into a stove heater at the age of eight. Check out the website that the image below links to for all the information, and contributions from an obscene number of great photographers:

Tomorrow there is an opening at Capricious gallery in Brooklyn, of two photographers involved in the project. They made a book. It's a good cause. Come support.

Opening: Friday, April 23rd, 7pm to 9pm. Capricious Gallery - 103 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211


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