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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i got interviewed in German..

i-ref, a german online magazine about young creativity, interviewed me and blew some sweet smoke up my ass yesterday. Here's what the text says, cuz, you know, I speak German:

"iO Tillett Wright. 24. Photographer/Editor/Artist.

You read it right. Her name is actually iO. Little i, big O. When they registered her name her parents said 'everything in life is made of lines and circles'. Maybe it was an indication that her parents knew from the beginning, that their little redheaded girl was going to be something very special, just like her name. Today, iO Tillett Wright is a successful jack of all trades with an old Manhattan punk rock charm, that carries through in everything she does. As an established photographer, editor, and founding publisher of Overspray Magazine, this native New Yorker attained things in her early 20's that many only dream of. How does she do it? iO only does exactly that which inspires her! Now she lives from two occupations: photography and writing. With success - in the summer of 2009, the talented American worked side by side with one of the most well known documentary photographers of our time, Nan Goldin, to help install and curate her exhibition at C/O Berlin."

You can read the interview here:

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