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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the wrap up - San Francheesco

It was a hell of a week. The show was a banger. But what no-one of the public seemed to get was that the gallery didn't come like that, skinned with wood. The walls are usually white! ("WHITE Walls" gallery...hello?). I spent two solid days screwing plywood boards into the 2000 square feet of walls, and five more days installing the show. 12 out of 16 artists traveled to San Francisco, from as far as Australia and England (that would be a 12 hour flight motherfuckers), to be a real live part of the action.
A ton of press turned out to cover the show, but the one I actually look at myself is, and always will be, SF local, I borrowed a couple shots, and the video, from their preview walkthrough.
Other photos from Chris Blackstock, Kiersten from White Walls, Remi Rough, and Kofie One. Mine and Ale Zuek's to come.