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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

help me make my book of photos

So, I made a kickstarter project to produce my first ever book of photographs, to be published by Pau Wau Publications, and released in conjunction with my first solo show in September.
If you're not familiar with kickstarter, here's how it works: you can pledge however little or much you want. If you pledge over certain amounts you get special prizes. In this case, if you pledge twenty bucks $20 you get a copy of the book (there'll be 200 copies made, all signed and numbered), if you pledge fifty bucks, I'll make you an original 5x7 in the darkroom, if you pledge $100 I'll make you an 8x10, and if you pledge $150, I'll make you an original 11x14!

I know we're all on the broker side, so please pass this on to your friends who like photos, and even better, those who like books, or being nice to young artists. :)

Here's the link:

Thank you!