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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New book: KISSER

My new book/zine/several folds of bound paper with images on them, "Kisser" is out now. Featuring images from Friday Night Throwdown, the now defunct series of illegal boxing matches often known as male model boxing that happened over the last year.

And get this: With the generous backing of WESC, it's FREE! Yippee! 

Starting April 14th, the book will be available in every room at the Standard hotels in Los Angeles (downtown, and West Hollywood), through the middle of May, to accompany my installation in the vitrine in the Hollywood hotel (8300 Sunset).

Starting in May, Kisser will be available in WESC stores internationally, and a ton of arty farty places in New York City. Otherwise you'll have to flag me down on the street and take one off me. 

Look for it, and a list of places to get it on my website soon. :)

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