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Monday, August 1, 2011

I have a solo and I'm curating a group show in Tokyo!

It's unbelievable to me how time flies, but in a week we'll be getting on an airplane bound for the eastern mysteries of Japan, because...

"The Kid" - A solo show

I'm very excited to present "The Kid", a study on my muse, Camila Toro.

The first print I ever sold was an image of Camila. Later, I used that image for the cover of my first book, "Lose My Number", and spent the subsequent months fielding endless questions about whether she was a boy or a girl, 12 or 25, and where people (of both genders) could find her to date her. 

Camila was an early inspiration because she embodies so many of the things I find most exciting in young women right now: freedom, a genderless beauty, a nationless complexion, and the strength and wildness to do everything the boys do, but her way. Vaguely reminiscent of a young wolf, Camila's presence was equally as fascinating to others as it was to me.

"The Kid" presents 22 portraits of Camila, all black and white traditional Fibre prints, ranging from 50x60" to 8x10", in editions of 10. The work is available through Vacant Gallery or myself.

"Act Like You're Fine" - A group show

I'm equally excited to announce "Act Like You're Fine", a exhibition featuring the works of 11 wonderful artists that I had the pleasure of curating.

Flyer image by Slava Mogutin.

"Act Like You're Fine" deals with the things that consume us with obsession to the point of losing our self control - the things that drive us to passionate madness, behavior we don't recognize, frantic devotion - the feeling that we are not the rider, but are being ridden. 

Participating artists are: 

Leigh Ledare
Slava Mogutin
Andrea Longacre-White
Michael Stipe
Matthu Placek
A.L. Steiner
Lola Dupre
Devin Elijah
Neal Franc
Sophie Morner
and Patrick Hoelck

From lovers to horses, and from internet trysts to the architecture of corners in rooms, all the work in the show is photography based, but includes sculpture, collage, and video pieces.

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