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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Theme Magazine

I was asked to be the guest curator/editor for Theme Magazine's new issue, "Apprentices". It comes out this week, and I'm really proud of all the work we put into it.

I interpreted the idea of an apprentice as loosely as I could, and sought out stories about non-traditional mentorship/apprenticeship relationships, which turned into a story about one of New York's most revered drag mothers, the sponsor/sponsee relationship in AA, a look at how Jeffrey Deitch influenced Kathy Grayson's ascent to ownership of her own gallery, a conversation with Cass Bird about her family of assistants, and an interpretive and intimate look into what happens when you feel slave to a master, amongst other things. 

I wrote and shot the story about The Flawless Mother Sabrina, which you can read here

I've put selections from the issue on my website here, and Theme's website can be found here

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