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Friday, July 29, 2011

Young creepy boner

I'm sure most of Chelsea art walk was wondering the same thing last night: "Who was fuck the almost naked amazon chick writhing around in filth and dollar bills, lapdancing on people and holy crossing them with champagne????!" The unlikely candidate for drunk, sad, probably-diseased Christian stripper of the year is my dear friend, artist (and Ford model), Myla Dalbesio, performing her piece "Young Money" at Ramis Barquet gallery. (Go ahead, google her, and watch her Miss Teen Wisconsin video from 2004, and weep). To hell with career limitations!

The performance was a knockout. Her writhing, tits out body and looped Lil Wayne on blast, left uppity Chelsea art goers with mouths agape, soaked in champagne, wracked with creepy crawly guilt, and maybe hiding a boner. Photos to come.

All hail the return of un-ignorable provocation in art!